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Various: Luxury Soul 2018 (3-CD Box Set)

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Various: Luxury Soul 2018 (3-CD Box Set)
UK Expansion 3-CD box set, 2018
Disc 1:
1) Risin' to the Top by Tristan
2) Give Love by Marcus Anderson     
3) How Do You (Do The Thing That You Do) by Will Wheaton & Bridgette Bryant
4) Baby Don't You Go (Dr. Packer Remix) by The Wanda
5) Thankful by SouLutions
6) Who to Love by Lina
7) The Diamond Inside by Gordon Chambers
8) So Real (Cool Million Remix) by Cool Million
9) My Better Side by Kim Tibbs
10) Runnin' (Boogie Back Extended Version)by Jay King
11) Take Me Away (Tom Glide Remix) by Kenya
12) Who Said Love Would Last Forever by Marcia Mitchell

Disc 2:
1) That's What Love Can Do (Boogie Back Remix) by Chris Jasper
2) Forget Me Not (Rob Hardt Remix) by Myles Sanko
3) Sparkle (Sunwalker Remix) by Dimitris & Sulene     
4) Long Distance (Piers 'Curious' Remode) by Sir Piers
5) Time After Time (Radio Version) by Mr. Brian Power
6) Soul Night (Nigel Lowis All Night Mix) by Mather & Kingdon
7) Stand Strong, Stand Tall by The BritFunk Association
8) The Message by Andre Espeut Quintet
9) Your Love by Crack Of Dawn
10) That's My Lady by Cool Million
11) Baby, Don't You Know (Instrumental) by Bobbi Humphrey

Disc 3:
1) Standing on the Outside by Kazu Matsui Project feat. Robben Ford
2) Little Girl by Sophia Ripley
3) Negative Pleasures by Robb Scott
4) You by Adika Pongo
5) Secret Love (Temptation Mix) by The Groove Association
6) So Emotional by Kashif
7) Standby by Tracy Hamlin
8) Look into Tomorrow Tonight by Watergates
9) I Just Wanna Wanna by Linda Clifford
10) If You Don't Start Nothing by The Jones Girls
11) Heartbeat by Leon Ware
12) Galveston Bay by Lonnie Hill