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Various Artists: Soul Togetherness 2018

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Various Artists: Soul Togetherness 2018UK Expansion compilation CD, 2018

1) That Feelin' by Cornell C.C. Carter
2) Right on Time by The Apx
3) Your Love by Kenny Thomas
4) Around the World by Imaa
5) One More Praise by Brian Courntey Wilson
6) I'll Take Your Word for It by Lexi
7) He's a Hurricane (Extended Boogie Back Mix) by James Day f. Cheryl Pepsii Riley & Joe Cunningham
8) Hit or Miss (Album Version) by Change
9) All Night Long (Extended Mix) by John Reid
10) One and Only by The Ritchie Family
11) Do Something by Ernest Ernie & the Sincerities
12) About Your Love (Extended Mix) by Jaki Graham
13) Lies (Groovy Soul Mix) by DJ Spen f. Asia Yarwood
14) Pleasure by Mousse T f. Peven Everett
15)  Shine Your Light (Main Mix) by Prefix One