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Herbie Hancock: Feets Don't Fail Me Now

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Herbie Hancock: Feets Don't Fail Me NowUS Funky Town Grooves reissue CD, 2015
The original funk-disco album on US Columbia, 1979
1) You Bet Your Love     
2) Trust Me     
3) Ready Or Not     
4) Tell Everybody     
5) Honey From The Jar     
6) Knee Deep
Bonus tracks:
7) You Bet Your Love (Special Disco Version)     
8) You Bet Your Love (7" Version)     
9) Tell Everybody (7" Version)     
10) Tell Verybody (Disco Version)     
11) Honey From The Jar (7" Version)     
12) Honey From The Jar (Special Disco Version)     
13) Ready Or Not (7" Version)