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The Velvelettes: The Best of The Velvelettes

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The Velvelettes: The Best of The VelvelettesUK Spectrum CD, 2001
1) He Was Really Saying Something 2) Lonely Lonely Girl I Am 3) Since You've Been Loving Me 4) There He Goes 5) That's The Reason Why 6) I Know His Name (Only His Name) 7) Should I Tell Him 8) Throw A Farewell Kiss 9) These Things Will Keep Me Loving You 10) I'm The Exception To The Rule 11) Needle In A Haystack 12) Bird In The Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush) 13) Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer) 14) I'm So Glad It's Twilight Time 15) Think Of The Times 16) Stop Beating Around The Bush 17) Love Is Good 18) Save Me (My Ship Of Love Is Sinking) 19) Boy From Crosstown