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The O'Jays: The Year 2000 / My Favorite Person

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The O'Jays: The Year 2000 / My Favorite PersonUK Edsel / Philadelphia International Reissue CD
2 Original Albums on 1 CD

The Year 2000 (1980)
1) Year 2000 2) To Prove I Love You 3) You'll Never Know (All There Is To Know 'Bout My Love) 4) You're The Girl Of My Dreams (Sho' Nuff Real) 5) You Won't Fail 6) Girl Don't Let It Get You Down 7) Answer's In You 8) Once Is Not Enough

My Favorite Person (1982):
9) I Just Want To Satisfy 10) Your Body's Here With Me (But Your Mind's On The Other SideOf Town) 11) My Favourite Person 12) One On One 13) I Like To See Us Get Down 14) Your True Heart (And Shining Star) 15) Out In The Real World 16) Don't Walk Away Mad