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The Manhattans: There's No Good in Goodbye

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The Manhattans: There's No Good in GoodbyeUS Funky Town Grooves reissue CD, 2014
The original soul album on US Columbia, 1978
1) There's No Good in Goodbye
2) Ten You Can Tell Me Goodbye
3) Tomorrow
4) Share My Life
5) Am I Losing You
6) Happiness
7) Movin'
8) You're My Life
9) Goodbye is the Saddest Word
10) Everybody Has a Dream
Bonus Tracks:
11) Don't Say Goodbye (Single Version)
12) Here Comes that Hurt Again (Single Version)
13) Everybody Has a Dream (Single Version)
14) Am I Losing You (Alternate Version, un-released)
15) Don't Say Goodbye (X-Rated Version, un-released)
16) Here Comes the Hurt Again (X-Rated Version, un-released)
17) That's Not Part of the Show (X-Rated Version, un-released)