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G.C. Cameron: Love Songs & Other Tragedies

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G.C. Cameron: Love Songs & Other TragediesUK reissue CD, 2013
The original release on US Motown, 1974
1) If You Don't Love Me
2) Come Get This Thang
3) I'm Gonna Give You Respect
4) If You're Ever Gonna Love Me
5) Let Me Down Easy
6) All In Love Is Fair
7) Riverboat
8) Your Love Won't Turn Me Loose
9) You Forgot To Remember Me
10) Tippin'
Bonus Tracks:
11) Act Like A Shotgun
12) Girl I Really Love You
13) I'm Gonna Get You, Pt 1
14) I'm Gonna Get You, Pt 2
15) You Are That Special One
16) What It Is, What It Is
17) My Woman
18) Don't Wanna Play Pajama Games
19) Jesus Help Me Find Another
20) No Matter Where
21) Have I Lost You
22) Time
23) Topics