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Chi-Lites: Steppin' Out (+6 Bonus Tracks)

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Chi-Lites: Steppin' Out (+6 Bonus Tracks)US Funky Town Grooves reissue CD, 2013
The original release on US Private I, 1984
1) Do What You Want
2) I Keep Comin Back To You
3) Gimme Watcha Got
4) Stop What You're Doin
5) Hey Girl (i Love The Way You Dance)
6) Let Today Come Back Tomorrow
7) Runnin Around
8) Little Girl
Bonus Tracks:
9) Gimme Whatcha Got (Club Version)
10) Gimme Whatcha Got (Dub Version)
11) Stop What Your Doin (Club Version)
12) Stop What Your Doin (Instrumental)
13) Gimme Whatcha Got (Single Version)
14) Let Today Come Back Tomorrow (Single Version)