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7th Wonder: Words Don't Say Enough/Thunder

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7th Wonder: Words Don't Say Enough/ThunderUK Shout CD 2010
Seventh Wonder: 2 original albums on 1 CD
The original albums produced by Jerry Weaver, Leon Sylvers III and Lakeside
Words Don't Say Enough (1978):
1) My Love Ain't Never Been This Strong
2) People in Love Do the Strangest Things
3) We Are So In Love
4) Back Track
5) Words Don't Say Enough
6) Absence (Supposed to Make the Heart Grow Fonder)
7) I Would Have Loved You Just the Same
8) Love Makes You Act Like That
Thunder (1980):
9) The Tilt
10) Missin' out
11) Stop Before You Break My Heart
12) Don't Let Me Down So Easy
13) All the Love I Thought I Had
14) Busy Man
15) All in All
16) I Enjoy Ya